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Re: Arabic OCR info

On Monday - 8.March.2004 [11:07:24 -0500],
 Ahmed Elgammal (elgammal at cs dot rutgers dot edu) wrote:
 > > Mr. Elgammal, in passing would you be interested in assisting us
 > > make this a reality (strictly as a hobby - for fun) ?  I think
 > > it would be of interest to all involved (and the Arabic Open Source
 > > community) to have both academia and volunteers working in unison
 > > assisting each other.  In short, when the time becomes more
 > > appropriate (we are still considering whether to launch an OCR
 > > project due to the daunting task that it is), would you be willing
 > > to supervise and/or lend some "sanity checks" to what we will
 > > potentially pursue ?
 > Sure, I would be glad to give technical advice.
 > best regards.
 > -- 
 > Ahmed Elgammal
 > Assistant Professor
 > Dept of Computer Science 
 > Rutgers University

Great, we'll make sure to call upon you when we get going.

Thanks again and Salam.

 - Nadim