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Re: Bidi-less Applications Patching Policy

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 17:30, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> They don't have to what?

They don't have to give us a reason, that is.

> Now, as for the 'core' level decision as you put it -- it was. However,
> no core decision is engraved in stone if the majority (or even a
> size-able number of people) disagree with it. You know better than that.

Seems I do not. Sorry if I let you down this time.

> Our decision to forge ahead with miniBiDi was only questioned by
> yourself and Munzir. No one else has said anything about it. The core
> team (4 members) + miniBidi's author (1 member) want to go ahead with
> the decision where as 2 do not.

Yes, because it was presented as a decision. Don't count the votes, it means
nothing. You discussed the thing and you did the decision; anybody will not say
no except if he has a really strong reason for that. By the way your last
sentence assumes that the team did vote unanimously (without hearing our logic)
and that: (Behdad hasn't a vote in Arabeyes) or (Behdad is a stakeholder and I
forgot that Ahmad is too). Choose one.

> > All I have heard so far is discontent with the resolution, yet I do not
> see any alternative plans. Please, if you do have a better plan, share!

Sure, I have no alternative plans. You mean, you didn't give us a change for
alternatives, you just decided.I believe you have already noticed that I am
giving alternatives now..

> If you think it would help, we could setup a meeting on irc where all
> concerned parties can show up and throw ideas around till we find
> something we are all comfortable with.

I am really sorry. I have already objected to irc discussions before and I 
believe we have already lost some things for that. So as not to repeat myself,
By the way, I am behind a firewall with no irc access..

> > Even cooler ;) You know I love MIT/BSD style licenses ;)

For the record, this is because I probably need support for devices which do
not support shared libraries. This point is subject to discussion with probable
sponsers.Definitely not because I like MIT/BSD licenses.

> > Effectively today, I am suspending my membership in Arabeyes. I understand
I am
> > currently responsible for some issues which I would like to clear up. I
will be
> > Hrmm.. any reason why?
Well, I think I am not paid enough at Arabeyes:)
One of the main reasons I come here is to support open source and to make much
use of available resources, not to duplicate work. The general attitude here is
not like that. We are practically reinventing rules for things that have
already been discussed in the Arab world and elsewhere.Examples:
- Arabization/translation issues, we are putting our rules regardless ofthe
zillion Arabic/language departments in the Arab world. Assuming that nobody is
teaching computer in Arabic before.
- Let's redo FriBiDi.

> Any reason for this too? It's not like you don't have control over where
> BiCon goes. People fork for very strong reasons and I am yet to read a
> reason for it.

Proof of concept. Tell me what do I gain from Arabeyes so I host my work there.
And by the way, some times people fork just because they want to be agreeable
to big brother, who doesn't approve of their license.

Muhammad Alkarouri

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