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Re: Bidi-less Applications Patching Policy

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 06:24:34PM +0100, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
> Seems I do not. Sorry if I let you down this time.

Well, allow me to remind you then ;) Seriously, Core is completely
pointless if there are people (again, the keyword here is sizeable,
since someone, somewhere, always will nto be happy bout something)., who
are completely unhappy with their decisions. 

> Yes, because it was presented as a decision. Don't count the votes, it means
> nothing. You discussed the thing and you did the decision; anybody will not say

Look, whether you leave or not leave, that is up to you and will not
change how we or I at least, conduct business. We will have to
re-consider the "decision" (again, regardless of where you personally

> no except if he has a really strong reason for that. By the way your last
> sentence assumes that the team did vote unanimously (without hearing our logic)

What sentence? I make no assumptions. I am simply noting that n oone
voiced concerns other than the people I mentioned.

> and that: (Behdad hasn't a vote in Arabeyes) or (Behdad is a stakeholder and I
> forgot that Ahmad is too). Choose one.

There are no 'votes' in Arabeyes yet (outside of Core) -- that is about
to change and the whole thing with 'core' will change so core members
are voted to begin with. But as of right now, there is no such thing and
we have, as always, been operating on concensus.

> Sure, I have no alternative plans. You mean, you didn't give us a change for
> alternatives, you just decided.I believe you have already noticed that I am
> giving alternatives now..

Are you serious? We have had a very long thread on this, and all I heard
was "no no no".. and never heard, "How about we solve this by doing x, y

> I am really sorry. I have already objected to irc discussions before and I 
> believe we have already lost some things for that. So as not to repeat myself,
> see:http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/May/msg00128.html
> By the way, I am behind a firewall with no irc access..

I don't see the relationship, but okay. Being behind a firewall is
another issue (always ways around, but, hey, if you don't want to show
up, or don't want it, don't like it, don't care, whatever.. that's your

> For the record, this is because I probably need support for devices which do
> not support shared libraries. This point is subject to discussion with probable
> sponsers.Definitely not because I like MIT/BSD licenses.

Good, I am glad those "sponsors" think like me then. Nah nah na!

> > > Hrmm.. any reason why?
> Well, I think I am not paid enough at Arabeyes:)

You mean all the.. headaches are not enough? ;)

> One of the main reasons I come here is to support open source and to make much
> use of available resources, not to duplicate work. The general attitude here is
> not like that. We are practically reinventing rules for things that have

I resent that.

> already been discussed in the Arab world and elsewhere.Examples:
> - Arabization/translation issues, we are putting our rules regardless ofthe
> zillion Arabic/language departments in the Arab world. Assuming that nobody is
> teaching computer in Arabic before.

We have tried to contact the "authorities" and still to no avail. This
is an on-going challenge and we are all aware of it. 

> - Let's redo FriBiDi.

Again, suggest viable alternatives.

> Proof of concept. Tell me what do I gain from Arabeyes so I host my work there.

Hey, if you are looking to "gain" something, you are at the wrong place

> And by the way, some times people fork just because they want to be agreeable
> to big brother, who doesn't approve of their license.

That's a "good" reason, but you are not saying..

Mr. Karouri, you are free to do whatever you like. Your contributions to
Arabeyes in their Open Source efforts are commendable if not needed
still. However, no one is going to force you do something you apparently
no longer want to do. I think your reasons are ambiguous and rather

There are many instnaces where I didn't get things my way, big deal.
There are many instances where you or others will not have things their
way.. tough luck. This is a voluntary group project and as such, someone
will not like something. It's the way life is, why should Arabeyes be
any different? 

I do sense some resentment to the whole concept of 'core' in your emails
and I am not sure I appreciate it. Then again, you are entitled to your
opinion and hey, so is everyone. Core has always been there to maintain
things and steer Arabeyes in the right direction.. but Core has always
been feeding off of developers and translators and other members (yes,
members like yourself). That's how we have _always_ operated. If you
think otherwise, I think, dear sir, you are simply misguided -- or else,
do provide evidence and I promise you it would be something for core to
think very hard about.. because that is the intention, and if Core has
been going the wrong way, it is expected, no, demanded, of members to
say, "Hey, wait a minute.. you guys are waaaaaaaaay off.. get your ! at #!@
back here".

You want to fork BiCon or any other project, again, that's up to you.
The license says you can.. go for it! The license also says it has to be
GPL+Python+BSD.. wow.. good luck with that mess, especially if your
secret "sponsor" or "big brhter" or whatever, is not intending to keep
it that way to be "happy"? Are you seeing the strangeness in all of

I am done with this. 

Dammit Mohammed, we had lunch at that crappy restaurant in Khartoum!

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