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Re: I suspend my...

 --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote: > --- Muhammad Alkarouri
<malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
> >
> [snip snip]
> >
> > Effectively today, I am suspending my membership in Arabeyes.
> Did I miss something ?  Why is that ?  If you are busy, then join the
> club :-) 

You did miss something, that I was always in that club:)

> else I don't quite understand why someone of you caliber and
> someone that we fully respect and NEED no less is "leaving" (the same
> goes to 90% of the people on this list BTW).

Theoretically. We don't need developers. We need some people with PhD in
political sciences, or at least working no less than 5 years working in

A person works in a group because the group is more than the sum of its parts.
A person stays in a group because the group is at least the sum of its members.
When friction losses become more than production, something is wrong. Add to
that 'thou shalt' and ..

> I really hope you reconsider any "leaving" issues.  You can certainly
> cut-back if you so desire, but leaving is such an ultimate decision
> that it irks me (whatever that's worth).

Thanks (you know it's worth a lot). Believe me it is not what I like. I have
spent some energy trying to integrate here. I can reconsider if and when things
do change. That is not when we use FriBiDi not miniBiDi. That's when we have
healthy discussions, give enough reasons, get used to benefit from past
experience of people in the wide Arab community and people in the wide open
source community, etc. With all due respect, I didn't come to Arabeyes to spend
my leisure time resolving problems that are already discussed elsewhere.

And I am not saying I am leaving so as to get my agenda passed. This is exactly
the way I don't like to pass things.
I am not stopping open source work, neither stopping being Arab, so we got to
benefit from one another.
Probably I owe an apology to Munzir here, as he was the one who convinced me to
join. Well, it didn't work.

Muhammad Alkarouri

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