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Re: ITL testing

--- Thamer Mahmoud <thamer at newkuwait dot org> wrote:
> abdulhaq writes:
>  > Everything is compiling here, but I'm getting a 'library not 
>  > found' (libitl.so) when trying to run the apps.
> I've had that too. I'm no make process expert, but looks like I had
> to add the library's path in my ldconfig file (/etc/ld.so.conf) and
> than run ldconfig to make it work. I'm not sure why though...

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is your friend as was just noted to Abdulhaq :-)  I
guess I need to add a small'ish note in the README file.
> P.S. To Nadim, 
> * I suggest moving the library to /usr/local/lib/ instead of
>   /usr/local/lib/itl/. It's only a single file.

I'd really rather not.

> * I will be updating ipraytime to support some of the latest ITL
>   changes (just to set some default values) AND to silence those
>   double to int warnings somehow. Nothing major.

Sure, feel free - do please try to keep the manpage(s) updated as well.

Salam & Thanks.

 - Nadim

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