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Re: ITL status

>> abdulhaq writes:
>> All major changes that were planned for the ITL 0.6 release have
>> already landed on CVS. The only thing left is a small update to add
>> "Location.pressure" and "Location.temperature". This "final" update
>> will happen in the next two days Inshallah. I'm done coding this but
>> I still havn't done any testing with the new code.

Salam Abdulhaq,

i understand you want to calculate the amount of refracted sunlight at a
specific place (therefor pressure and temperature ?). Isn't this a little bit

However, i've been trying to look into this subject scientifically and didn't
find much literature to look into. Could you either explain the method you're
going to use or give us some links to show the approach? That would be very kind
of you.


Omar Abo-Namous