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Re: ITL status

I'm moving this thread from 'general' to 'developer' as its a more
relevant list for what's noted...

--- Thamer Mahmoud wrote:
> abdulhaq writes:
> > I want to release a new version of kprayertime, on account of various 
> > usability improvements. However, I'd also like to include ITL when it
> > has stabilised. Is there any estimate of when that would be?
> All major changes that were planned for the ITL 0.6 release have
> already landed on CVS. The only thing left is a small update to add
> "Location.pressure" and "Location.temperature". This "final" update
> will happen in the next two days Inshallah. I'm done coding this but
> I still havn't done any testing with the new code. 
> Nadim, is the plan to move (ipraytime, ical, idate) to their own
> folder and make process still on? If you want to do this, now is a
> good time ;-). If you don't, just give your thoughts/suggestion on how
> to proceed with this and I'll do it later (after updating libprayer).

I'll try to get to this in a day or two ISA (sorry for the delay -
too many thing happening and the Evolution party to plan/execute/etc).
The idea was to separate the library from the applications in an clean
manner with the apps being obviously dependent on the lib.  So when ITL
is released I'd guess we'll need to see 2 seperate releases ('ITL-lib'
and 'ITL-apps').  The i* files will be moved to their own dir(s) under 
itl/programs in CVS (the move will happen in CVS proper so as not to
lose any of the cvs-logs, etc).  I will also be adding the proper header
to all the files (per the guidelines) when I do all of this.


 - Nadim

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