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Re: RPM specs and other distro packages

On Yaum al-Ahad 23 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 03:26 pm, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2004-07-11 02:30:24, schrieb Munzir Taha:
> >Elzubeir, may be you are familiar with debian's inconvienient multi-files
> >source packages. In rpm-based distros, the srpm contains the spec file
> > inside it so every one can download it to get the spec file. easy?
> > Besides you can have more than one patch in srpms not like in Debian ;)
> ???  -
> What Du you mean, you can not have more then one patch in Debian ?

yes, in their source packages not generic patches. I meant patches that would 
be applied on the fly upon the installation. However, this is just to annoy 
Elzubeir a little and cause him to cough so don't bother yourself about it. 
(Secret: I also love Debian but don't let the others hear it)

Keep up the good work.

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