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Re: Katoob errors (bon weekend :-) )

Am 2004-07-10 01:52:31, schrieb Mohammed Sameer:

>Really Sorry for being late, I was trying to find a woody box.


>Do you have spellchecking dictionaries installed ? Katoob can't find 
>them, Thus a NULL PspellManager was passed to pspell_manager_check(), 
>This caused the segfault.
>I've added an error dialog to inform the user that there is no 
>dictionaries available, It should be working fine now.

I use dict from arabeyes which is configured
For german, englisch and french I have nothing. 

>what's next ? ;)
>PS. About the translation, I'm really confused And I don't know which 
>file to add !!

It is "katoob_1.34_v1.po"
Which is curently the latest.

>Sorry for being late again and many thanks.

I was "out of office" too


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