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a software library for multilingualisation

Dear Arabeyes developers,

Nadim Shaikli kindly encouraged me to post this information to this list.

We have been working on developing a software library to
multilingualise Unix/Linux software.  Our library helps writing
application programs that need to display/input/edit various languages
and scripts including, of course, Arabic.


A snapshot of a sample program (a simple editor) using this library is
available at the following URL.


The font used there is Riwaj.ttf.  I do not read Arabic, but it looks
farely beautiful.  However, the font fails to position vowel signs
correctly.  Look at this.


I have investigated all the opentype fonts available from the Arabeyes
web site. Unfortunately, none of them had appropriate GPOS features.
So I imagine that vowels signs have little importance to native

Anyway, we will be very glad if you make use of our library to develop
Arabised application programs for Unix/Linux systems.

Best regards,

ntakahas at m17n dot org