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Re: Farahidi - huh ?

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <alarfaj0 at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Ok, I added all sorts of info to the README file. I also added a
> ChangeLog file. Will the ChangeLog file replace the need for a NEWS
> file or is that still needed?

I usually don't include a ChangLog since that can easily be created
and regenerated via the cvs2cl.pl script [1].  I tend to simply go
with a README and TODO file.

> I have a grievance though. The Duali README file makes little attempt
> to explain what it does or _how_ it does it :)

Take this up with Duali's author :-)

> There is a small, a very small chance, that we might end up duplicating
> work. I dont speak Python so I cant really tell if Duali uses any form
> of conjugation in its work. Mohammad?

Duplication or not, since farahidi is on CVS, it needs to be functional,
prim and proper.  Until such a time that you talk to Elzubeir about how to 
proceed this project and all its files should be made fully functional
and well documented in case someone else wants to build upon it to do
something else.

Thanks for the recent additions and clean-up btw.

[1] http://www.red-bean.com/cvs2cl


 - Nadim

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