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Re: Nadim's shaping code in C

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:54:31PM -0700, Alex Perez wrote:
> Mohammed,
> > Salam all,
> > This is a *port* of Nadim's shaping code to C
> Excellent, his was writtein in C++ I take it? Is this GPLed? If so, would
> you be willing to release the copyright into the public domain (open
> source political reasons for this, see below)
I'm afraid it's GPLed.
I really don't like public domain, But I have no problem releasing the 
copyright into the public domain BUT if there is a good reason for that.

I didn't understand the C++ part :-|

> > I wrote this a while ago, promissed Nadim to clean it, But i didn't find
> >  time till now.
> >
> > Maybe it's not perfect or required, But maybe anyone'll make use of it.
> >
> > I know that glib is required but i'll try and get rid of this
> > dependency.
> Once this is done, I'd be *very* interested in writing an Objective-C
> wrapper for this and using it in the GNUstep project. But a glib
> dependency is a showstopper. I'm currently investigating the difficulty of
> adding Arabic + Shaping support to GNUstep (see www.gnustep.org if you
> dont know what it is, or if you have some specific questions, feel free to
> ask.)
I know, I want to get rid of glib, Thus gaining 2 things:
1) Getting rid of a dependency
2) Using static buffers, eleminating the need to malloc(), free().
But i won't be able to do this before tharusday the 9th of october 
I think that GNUstep is GPLed ?
So we don't have a problem with my gpled code ?
What i want to say is:
If releasing the code into public domain is the only solution to add 
bidi and Arabic into GNUstep, I'll do it or at least give the GNUstep 
project ONLY the rights to use the code "I don't know wheather this is 
possible or not", I hate spending time to do 
anything then someone takes the code and uses it in a closed source 

I intend to make it a library "Or make it easier to add it to any code" 
but this'll happen when I remove the glib dependency.


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