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Re: shaping code in C

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 11:51:03AM -0700, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> --- Mohammed Sameer <uniball at gmx dot net> wrote:
> > This is a *port* of Nadim's shaping code to C
> > I wrote this a while ago, promissed Nadim to clean it, But i didn't find 
> > time till now.
> > 
> > Maybe it's not perfect or required, But maybe anyone'll make use of it.
> The more code we have, the more likely we are to have more people looking
> into it (everyone seems biased on the language they'd like to use :-)

> You might want to correct a minor bug below (the one I recently corrected
> myself in my code - btw, my perl code works under 5.6.0 only and I will
> make changes to upgrade it to 5.8.0 (minor stuff really)).  I've been
> toying with creating a perl bidi script/library just for grins (to better
> understand the Unicode Bidi spec) and might do that when time allows.
perl breaking scripts agasin ??
remember txtbdf2ps ;-)
maybe we need something like libarabic with: bidi + shaping + regex 
"like what duali is using" get_word_root(char *word) for ex !!

> > /* 0x649 */  { FALSE, 0xFEEF, 0xFBE8, 0xFBE9, 0xFEF0},
> Line above should be,
>  /* 0x649 */  { FALSE, 0xFEEF, FALSE, FALSE, 0xFEF0},
Corrected in the attached code. Thanks!

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