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Re: Unicode and Bidi vs Shaping

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:45:57AM +0330, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> [..]
> Well, or in a separate library for joining that collaborates with FriBidi. 

What kind of help would you need? IOW, where in the fribidi code would
such inclusion be done (better part of FriBidi than separate).

> You'll get it anyway, as LGPL-compatible Free Software, and
> *standard-compliant* in that regard, which means that I prefer not to see
> more bug reports on Alef Maksura being dual-joining in some random
> software that will use that joining library. Arabeyes is either on the
> sane road (i.e. fighting each war in its own front, e.g. Alef Maksura in
> the Unicode front) or the insane road (fixing all problems locally instead
> of in the standards, that may sadly separate us).

Actually we have to fight both simulatenously -- which is proving to be 
a difficult battle.

> Let's pray for that. We need your help a lot. We're getting very busy in
> non-technical matters, like the managorial aspects of a national Linux
> project. Actually we tried very hard to meet the Unicode meeting deadline.

That is very similar to the problem some of us are having here at Arabeyes.
Getting bogged down in administrative/managerial tasks that take out
a lot of the free time to do tech work :(

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