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Re: katoob is marvelleous but ...

On Friday 27 June 2003 2:40 pm, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> > Just not to let Mohammed Sameer sleep I have two minor notes here:
> > 1. Three dots (can you see them in the subject ;) ) should appear after
> > all menu entries that lead to dialog boxes, e.g. Save As...,
> > Preferences..., Spell Check..., ...
> Done in the CVS, It'll be available in the next release, But i have a
> question:
> what about the menu entries that may lead to dialogs or may not depends
> on the situation ?
> ex: the save dialog, May lead to a file selection dialog or may not
> depending on the buffer "if you have opened a file then there'll not be
> a dialog, but if you clicked new and then save there'll be a dialog".
> the revert is the same...
The most common convention here is not to put a ... after save but redirect to 
Save As when the user invokes save in case the file wasn't saved before. 
Check kedit, gedit, nedit, gvim, cooledit, ...
**Another issue here is the dialog box should ask you a question in order to 
be eligible for the three dots. I checked menubar.c from CVS and found you 
added ... after about which is not correct.

> > 2. The option on the toolbar (I suggest to call it Standard Toolbar)
May be Main Toolbar is better to differentiate it from Extended Toolbar.

> > which is called "Change the typing language" has three entries: US/ASCII,
> > arabic, Arabic, what's this?!. Previously it's just English and Arabic
> > which is very clear.

> The 1st 2 "US/ASCII & Arabic" are the layout obtained from the X server
> via the xkb extension.
> While the last one "arabic" is the one used by the emulator.
Ah! I got it now.

> Do you suggest that the emulator ones be included in a sub menu ?
maybe, but I don't suggest names like XKB Layout (Sorry Haidar but you are 
more or less an expert who can understand such a fuzzy thing). You can call 
it Keyboard Layout, anyway, or you can delete it altogether. I can't see why 
it's useful to waste the precious space needed in katoob's toolbar for the 
keyboard layout which could be set in the panel of the Desktop on any distro. 
But the emulator option is of course needed.

> Thanks for your suggestions, That's what i'm laking these days.
You asked for it so here is more ;)

3. Open katoob. View->Encoding->Arabic->ISO 8859-6 (Arabic), type some Arabic, 
View->Encoding->Other->UTF-8. Say yes to the Question Dialog box and you have 
the error Invalid byte sequence in conversion input!!

4. When I start katoob I can't write anything until I use an arrow key or 
click with the mouse button which shouldn't be the case. Afterall, I have 
started katoob to write, isn't it?

5. The right-mouse button has no function when clicking the Toolbar. It should 
give you some options of customization like the options of View -> Toolbar.

6. The tab key is not working properly. Open Katoob, press Tab and type "k", 
look at the status bar, it says C:3, Press "Enter", type "space" and write 
"k", the status bar says C:3. They should be aligned together if both are 
C:3. Tab should not work like space.

7. The letter ض cannot be seen neither in the panel or in the title bar. This 
should be changed some way.

8. A button for spell checking in the toolbar.

9. Changing the spelling Dictionary after typing makes no effect on the 
highlighting of mistyped words. For example, type "center" when the 
Dictionary is en_GB. The word will be in red. Now, change it to en_US the 
word should be changed to black, and vice versa. Tools -> Spell check says No 
mispelled words!!

10. It's funny that the word "mispelled" in the previous dialog box is 
تلك عشرة كاملة

Thanks a lot for your caring and I am looking forward to see Katoob the best 
of the best.

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