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Re: distro page [was - katoob is marvelleous]

--- Haydar Net <haydar at haydar dot net> wrote:
> Thank you for your lovely katoob which i forgot to include it in Haydar 
> Linux 1.00, but In Sha2 Allah i will never forget it in the second 
> release which is comming soon.

As always make sure to update and unTODO :-) items on the distro page.


Haydar, you might want to considering putting more info on that page,
possibly linking-in a list of the various packages that you will be
including and links to where one could read more about it, etc.  In
other words, if I wanted to get involved and help out, the current page
makes no notes about how I should go about doing that and it doesn't
note that help is required (is it ?).  There are also a couple of
dead-links on the page.

BTW: the downloads note Beta-1/2 - not sure of which release.


 - Nadim

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