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Re: (3) Arabic vim patch (was - BAD BUG)

digitect at mindspring dot com wrote:
> Nope, doesn't work for me, this patch actually causes the Arabic patch
> to fail. Nadim has updated (1.12) to sync with 6.1.350 and all is
> fine without it.
> Tony, please try the binary (released this hour) and let us know!
> /me crosses fingers...
> --
> Steve Hall  [ |digitect|AT|mindspring|DOT|com| ]

Works for me too (rightleft and norightleft, on Cream's test file and my
HTMLs). And first thing I did was :version to check I hadn't loaded the
wrong executable by mistake (it said patches 1-350 and +arabic). Must be
something in one or more of the patches 321-350 that fixes what p303 had
broken. Or else... but don't say it. I guess I'm gonna rename the executable
from GVIM350A.EXE back to gvim.exe and use it as default text editor.