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Re: (3) Arabic vim patch (was - BAD BUG)

From: Bram Moolenaar, 02/20/03 02:10 PM
> Well, since we don't seem to make progress in actually solving the
> problem, I'm trying a brute force method: Don't use ETO_PDY when
> 'rightleft' is set. This won't work if you have two windows, the
> current one has 'norightleft' and the other with 'rightleft' is
> redrawn (CTRL-L). But it's better than nothing....

[patch snipped]

Nope, doesn't work for me, this patch actually causes the Arabic patch
to fail. Nadim has updated (1.12) to sync with 6.1.350 and all is
fine without it.

Tony, please try the binary (released this hour) and let us know!

/me crosses fingers...

Steve Hall  [ |digitect|AT|mindspring|DOT|com| ]