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Re: Katoob ststus report (Feb, 12 2003)

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!st sorry for my late reply,

Once upon a time Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote @ Wed, 12 Feb 2003 10:28:34 +0100

> Salam,
> >From: Mohammed Sameer
> >Subject: Katoob ststus report (Feb, 12 2003)
> >Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 02:07:33 +0200
> >- - The buffer doesn't scroll when finding a match "searching"
> if I understand you will fix it so the the buffer will scroll when the 
> search engine finds the match ? I noticed that i had to scroll the buffer 
> manually in order to get to the highlighted word :)
yes that's it, It should work fine but i don't know why it's not! I'll have to investigate

> Let me give you a suggestion: I saw it in the TODO list but I'll make some 
> pressure :)
> I think it would be great to have katoob supporting C/C++ syntax 
> highlighting/indentation like in emacs. Currently, I write my code in emacs 
> and then use katoob to enter arabic strings (yeah, I know emacs can be used 
> to write/read arabic but why i'm not using this feature is a long story :)). 
> It would be great (at least for me) to write my code directly in Katoob.
You are the second one to suggest this, Ok i think i'll raise it, Give me free time and i'll be working on it ;)

> Thank you for your work and efforts :)
Same for you too,
> Salam,

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