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Modified Arabic patch for Vim-6.1

Salam all - I've recently committed some changes to the Vim
patch to take into account mainly the rather lacking documentation.
I also fixed a few minor bugs (keymap and the addition of the
noarabic option, etc).  The changes can be summed up (as noted
in the CVS log),

 + Added the necessary documentation, text/ability to,
  :help arabic
  :help arab
  :help 'arabic'
  :help -A
 + :set arabic   now sets-up appropriate keymap/encoding/rightleft
 + :set noarabic reverts to defaults
 + Corrected I and O keymap keys to note div and mult (arabic keyboard)
 + Added arabic notation to :version
 + Minor Code change/modifications (readability per suggestions)

The patch is still against Vim-6.1 vanilla !!  I plan to create a
patch against Vim's current CVS state after I hear back from some of
you (ie. I need feedback that notes "it works fine" or "it doesn't
work anymore", etc - make sure to have 2 vim copies, one patched and
one original to make sure "old" bugs are not attributed to this patch).

Once I get a couple of sanity checks, I will proceed with creating a
patch against Vim's latest code in hopes of getting that included to
Vim's main trunk now that we have some interest and friends on vim-dev
and Cream (thanks guys, again, for you support).  Hopefully, we'll get
to see Arabic finally (after a huge delay) included, so your replies
are greatly appreciated.

The latest patch is available here (for instructions, read the README
file in that same CVS directory),


Note - the patch is about 87K (for you dialup types :-)

Eid Mubarak to all (don't eat too much :-)

 - Nadim

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