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Re: BAD BUG (Was: Updated Windows Vim binaries with Arabic support )

--- "Antoine J. Mechelynck" <antoine mechelynck belgacom net> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: <digitect mindspring com>
> >
> > The Vim patch for Arabic support by Nadim Shaikli has been
> > synchronized with Vim patch level 6.1.320. Also added is the help
> > document arabic.txt.
> >
> > You can download the freshly patched Windows binary and help doc here:
> >   http://cream.sourceforge.net/vim61-320+-binary.zip
> >
> > Find the patch and read more about it here:
> >   http://cream.sourceforge.net/vim.html#patches
> >
> > Finally, see the CVS for the file here:
> >   http://cvs.arabeyes.org/cvsweb/projects/external/vim/arabic_shape.patch
> >
> > Please try it out and report problems or lack thereof. Many of us are
> > eager to see this be incorporated into Vim's official tree soon!
> Unlike the previous 6.1.300 patched binary, it does not recognise my
> Courier New Arabic glyphs with
>     :set guifont=Courier_New:h20:cDEFAULT
>     :set enc=utf-8
>     :set tenc=iso-8859-15
>     :set fencs=ucs-bom,iso-8859-15,latin1,utf-8
> The utf-8 fileencoding (with BOM) is still recognised correctly.

You don't need to set the encoding explicitly - for arabic to
function properly you simple need to set the guifont and :set arabic
(which enables rightleft, sets up the appropriate keymap and sets
the encoding).

> Also, the new arabic.txt helpfile is present in the ...vim/vim61/doc
> directory, but its tags or its name are not recognised by the :help command.

Tony, send me the file in private (ie. not on the list) for me to take
a look at it.  As for the help file and its tags - all should be fine;
it works flawlessly on unix.

For the record, again, I do not develop on windows nor did I add the
necessary hooks (whatever those might be) to the arabic patch for vim
since I don't know what those might be with regards to windows (I would
hope that someone who is familiar with windows coding would look at the
patch and make the appropriate changes/additions (if any) from the vim
camp since it would be something many people have already done).

Arabeyes developers - can't some of you test this patch ?  I need some
feedback ASAP !!!!


 - Nadim

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