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Re: mined/mlterm ligature joining

Hello Nadim,

> > So please try the following:
> > $ LC_CTYPE="whatever.UTF-8" mined -poX file

> I don't have a UTF-8 locale available nor am I able to install one.
You don't need to have one installed for this to work.
Please just try the invocation as indicated above, mined will take 
notice even without locales installed.
If you include LC_CTYPE=something.UTF-8 on Solaris and the locale 
is not installed, you may see occasional warnings from the command 
shell because Solaris is so stupid about recognition of locale and 
character encoding. But applications that detect LC_CTYPE themselves 
will still work accordingly.
If you want to avoid such warnings, you may restrain to set the 
variable only if you invoke mined - as indicated above - or make 
a mined invocation script which also sets the options as you like them.

> The -U, as noted and as was discussed before, was supposed to remedy
> situations exactly as the one I'm facing, no?
No, sorry, the combining and joining property is not remedied with 
this option.

>  If not, I would
> continue to suggest giving the user the ability to force a UTF-8
> locale upon mined command-line.
Yes, as I said, I already added this. Do you want an archive update?

Thanks for the Solaris binary. But there is no difference in its buggy 
behaviour here. I wonder what it might depend on, but still no 
right-to-left (although it definately finds fribidi, it would complain 
if it's not in the path), no combining and no joining characters, and 
still bogus glyphs (e.g. U+64A is displayed as Latin e with circumflex 
accent (ê) but it looks like it's from the font that the Arabic 
characters are taken from, not the Latin characters).

Looking forward to your findings...