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Re: Developer Guide

On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 11:24:27AM -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> - In section 2.0 point-6, tell 'em how to do that.

Okay -- will point them to bugs.arabeyes.org ;)

> - Add to section 2.0 point-8a, "Use the list(s) for ALL your communication"

Not sure that fits in there. Could you re-phrase point 8 to what you are

> - Add the need for a periodical "status report" so that people know what
>   the current status of the project; the report is to be mailed to the
>   mailing-list and then linked-in to the project page.

We are still talking about Section 2, right?

> - In section 3.0, s/those/these; add the word "suggested" before "rough"

Heh.. yes Mr. English Teacher ;) Those for far these for near -- or
something like that. Will do.

> - Section 4.4 has an extra "

Ah yeah.. Emacs was freaking out because of the "'s in the above example
of a manpage.. so I put the extra " there so it wouldn't highlight the
rest of the text as a comment. 

> - Section 6.1.1 - LICENSE should be COPYING

Not really. Both are used. But I'll entertain that -- just cause it's
early in the morning and I'm in a good mood ;) And because the GNU
standard is 'COPYING'.. 

> - In section 6.2 add some content with regard how to version.  In other
>   words is 1.2.3 OK where as not ?  How and what ?  The notion
>   of X.Y.Z - where 'X' if for major change releases, 'Y' for minor
>   additions and new features and 'Z' for bug fixes and very minor
>   changes/fixes (or similar).

Yes, I'll expand a little more on that. Thank ye for the feedback.

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