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Re: Developer Guide

First, I believe a developer guide is something that is needed, because I know
that some people are not that experienced in developing open source projects.
I have a few comments. I assumed that I will have some advice on how it can be
done. It's a guide not a standard, judging from the name (you didn't mean that
I know). As one cannot teach all that in a document, I assumed there will be
some links, like this one for example:
https://www.redhat.com/docs/wp/intro_dev/(says a very feeble intro about make
and cvs among other thigs), or how-tos from tldp.
Well, it is not that, and I should know better.

What I really like to comment on is that assuming C/C++ standards for most
other things is not that important. Actually I don't feel like even the Type
capital/variable small rule is shared among all C programmers, though it seems
like that in Java (maybe?). Your rules seem like the accepted rules in
http://geosoft.no/style.html (just they use some files not all small?).

Indentation is a good point, and I actually prefer spaces to tabs, but isn't
that because the Python culture prefer spaces? Why not simply let anybody
process his C/C++ files with indent, for example?

Sure I must learn doxygen? Isn't it enough I am learning cvs for the moment
just to comply with Arabeyes (yes, I get software with it. and yes, I do
version control, using subversion now). And would you please mandate
reStructured text for Python (I am trying that now). And everybody write
programs using autotools..

/*Please forgive me - all of you - for the next ones*/
Mandate not using Perl except to support already written programs?
No releases are to be made without guranteeing portability, at least between
Linux (all major distros), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris (for a start).

Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc. Telecommunication and Information Systems

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