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Re: merge emacs-bidi into the main tree

Richard Stallman <rms at gnu dot org> writes:

>     IIRC, I was worried that it might be a dead end, sort of a hack, which
>     users of r2l languages wouldn't be happy with in the long term.
> That may be true--but even if that is true, but might be a good thing
> to install it now.  Sure, we would like something better such as Eli
> is working on, but I don't think he will have it ready soon.
> If that will take another two years, we may as well have the emacs-bidi
> code in the mean time, rather than nothing.

That's true, no argument, if nobody steps up to finish Eli's

I think it would be unfortunate though, and that's why I mentioned the
dead end, if users really get unhappy and redisplay is hacked to
improve performance in the right-to-left case based on a presumable
temporary solution.