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Re: Adding Farsi support to katoob


I installed Katoob 0.3 and tested it on KDE 3.0.0 and from the little typing 
done, I can say it seems to be working just fine for Farsi. I was not 
concerened about any other code pages, I just tested UTF-8 and opened the 
file also with KEdit and it all was fine. (Others will be able to give you 
more detailed information maybe)
As there are already some converters for Iran System to UTF-8 and the like, I 
wouldn't be much concerened about this (just my personal opinion).
BTW Mohammed: If you want to implement Iran System support and you want to 
have a look at a code, have a look at: 


Remove the initial check for Arabic keyboard. It gives me an error when I run 
katoob because it doesn't find the necessary keyboard, and yet it works fine 
with KDE's keyborad layouts.

The FarsiKDE Project