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Re: Adding Farsi support to katoob

My Inbox Happily Received This From Roozbeh Pournader @ Tue, 24 Sep 2002 14:03:44 +0330 (IRT)
> See, for example,
> 	http://www.farsiweb.info/table/iransystem.txt
> This is the most popular Persian text encoding. The information in that
> file is not complete, but you should be able to sort out all the details
> from that file, knowing that it's a completely visual character set
> (there's no bidi, and the stream can be displayed on a non bidi-aware
> terminal with just a font change).
i really didn't understand what you mean by the "visual character set"
but when converting from IRAN SYSTEM to unicode
for example when i find the "0x90"  shall i convert it to "<ZWNJ>+0x0627"
is that correct ?
and when converting from unicode to replace "<ZWNJ>+0x0627" with "0x90" ?

> > i think yes, i've covered all the characters 0x06** 
> > but i'd like to have them and add them if necessary

> Here is a list (I'm dropping characters that are in ASCII or ISO-8859-6):
all the bidi, joining, digits stuff are already there, just modified the range to include 2 characters i missed them.

> Punctuations: U+00AB, U+00D7, U+00F7, U+00BB, U+066B, U+066C, U+066A, 
are these an explicit list or ranges ??
> I hope that's all (you should also test things like U+FEFF of course).

i'll check all that,

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