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Re: Katoob ver 0.3.0 Released

On Sat, Sep 21, 2002 at 11:41:17PM +0300, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> Ok we can limit both now, but
> are the user allowed to choose within a certain range "1 - 10" for example ? or make it completely hidden ??
> I really don't know where do you go guys, i don't implement something important untill i mail the list "usually a status report every 
> Tuesday"  and than you tell me after i code the feature that it's not necessary or bad ??


First of all, I would like to say that your way of posting a weekly
report is certainly one of the best ways to keep everyone informed, so
I thank you for your dedication.

Now, as far as this whole undo feature is concerned, it really
doesn't make much of a difference (and I take it that most
people are indifferent to it). It isn't really an option that
I see myself tweaking, but it wouldn't bother me.

If you want my personal opinion, I would recommend to invest all
the time and energy next to adding proper and full bidi support.
That, is unfortunately, not something that is readily available
on most if not all so-called i18n'ed editors.

Otherwise, those little things like an undo limit, etc are really
unimportant. If you want to have it there, do it, but default
it to a very high number. I see it as a non-issue.

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