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Re: Katoob ver 0.3.0 Released

On 14 Sep 2002 19:36:35 +0200
Jens Askengren wrote:

> lör 2002-09-14 klockan 01.33 skrev Mohammed Sameer:
> > Arabeyes would like to announce the release of Katoob version
> > 0.3.0
> Woho!

> I would like to change the language selection button to be a toggle
> button, with a tooltip like "Use arabic keyboard emulation". The
> current implementation is a bit confusing.  What happens if you
> press this button and you do have an arabic keyboard?

it still changes the language, which could be very useful if your XKB
configuration does not include a keychord to switch languages.

> >  * Enabling/Disabling, Limiting the size of the Undo history
> Do a user really need to tweak this setting? I suggest setting it to
> something high, like 1000, and remove it from the gui.

I don't know unlimited undo is fine, it should be cleared whne the
file is saved like most apps though.

> >  * Limiting the size of the Recent documents menu
> Like above. The current implementation allows an unlimited document
> history if you set the size to 0. That might cause problems after a
> while...
I agree on this one it makes no sense at all.

> What is the difference betwen "UTF-8" and "Plain UTF-8 text" in the
> save dialog?
the UNICODE standard defines some non printable control
characters, among them are BIDI control chars for hard coding text
direction in the document, you can insert these by pressing the right
mouse button inside the texbox.
if you use UTF-8 these control characters are saved, if you use Plain
UTF-8 text instead they are stripped out of  the document and only
printable characters are saved (I'm not sure if the implementation
strips all control chars or only the BIDI ones though).

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