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Re: Katoob ver 0.3.0 Released

My Inbox Happily Received This From Jens Askengren @ 14 Sep 2002 19:36:35 +0200
> Woho!
> As a user of as swedish keyboard, I really like the arabic keyboard
> emulator! 
> Attached is a patch that changes the text direction buttons to use radio
> buttons. There is also a swedish translation of Katoob attached.
That's really great. thanks for the patch!.
i'll be happy to include the translation in the next version.

> In the swedish translation I have changed the following text quite
> dramatically:
> From
>     An error has occured while trying to initialize your Arabic
>     keyboard, Katoob'll try to use the built in Arabic keyboard
>     emulator.
> To (translated from swedish)
>     You don't have an Arabic keyboard. Katoob will try to use the
>     built-in Arabic keyboard emulator instead.
> If it's ok, I hope you will replace the original text to.

I think your words are better than mine,
but katoob actually tries to initialize the arabic keyboard if it's "the keyboard" configured using the xkb extension.
and if it fails, it'll display the warning.

> I would like to change the language selection button to be a toggle
> button, with a tooltip like "Use arabic keyboard emulation". The current
> implementation is a bit confusing.  What happens if you press this
> button and you do have an arabic keyboard?
If katoob had initialized the keyboard it'll switch it, and the button will display "Arabic"
just leave this now, cause the next version'll support any language. if you provide a simple configuration file "plain text"
but i didn't yet settle its layout!

> Do a user really need to tweak this setting? I suggest setting it to
> something high, like 1000, and remove it from the gui.
really don't know!
> >  * Limiting the size of the Recent documents menu
> Like above. The current implementation allows an unlimited document
> history if you set the size to 0. That might cause problems after a
> while...
Do you suggest making it unlimited or making it a fixed number "4" for example ?

> What is the difference betwen "UTF-8" and "Plain UTF-8 text" in the save
> dialog?
plain UTF-8 stripes the bidi control characters from the buffer, so it can be opened by any utf-8 
supporting editor which doesn't support the bidi control characters
"vim+arabic patch".

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