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al quraan

Assalaamu álaikum

Hi, I´m from Indonesia and would like to join alquraan project,
but instead of making a KDE app, I´m going to make a GNOME applet
which will show random verses, and if user wants to read an entire
quran, then he/she will open the application from the applet properties.

With this email also I would like to ask for permission to use the XML
data. Currently I have an ISO-8859-6 arabic text and Indonesian
translations of the quran in MySQL for my quran project in
http://quran.mdamt.net (web based). If you permit me to use the XML,
then I will convert the XML data to MySQL and replace the ISO arabic
with the UTF-8 text.

thank you

Mohammad DAMT <mdamt at mdamt dot com> http://www.mdamt.net
"Waduh anak siape tu ye? patut ditiru!", ??, Benjamin S.