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Akka merge


Since there were questions earlier on Akka's status, here is
a quickie follow-up. I merged the autotools_branch with
the main branch. So, 'chonfigure' is no longer going to
be a part of Akka.

Samy, I understand you are back from Syria. I hope you can
commit your patches sooner than later so we can wrap up
the 1.1 release. 

As far as the configuring of Akka (gui and/or console
driven) is concerned, this largely depends on whether we
are going to keep the current dependencies. I know Samy
has been all about dropping as many of the dependencies
as possible (and I am fully for it). But, if we are
still keeping SWIG then I can do the console-based
configuration.. I really don't see a need for a gui-based
one. In either case, 1.1 should only include bug-fixes
and code clean-up.

Your thoughts?
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