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Fribidi and joining

Well, #arabeyes is becoming a little productive for me. Today Nadim was
wondering when we'll have fribidi+joining, and I couldn't have a guess
since Behdad (maintainer and main coder of FriBidi) had not recieved much
feedback on his new API design, and that new API will happen before (or at
the same time as) the introduction of joining.

For those with a lot of free time at hand, following are the references.  
I'll try to post a more explanatory thing a few days later (please remind
me if I forgot).

Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm, that FriBidi implements:


Unicode description of Arabic:


(the joining section is at the end of Section 8.2). And finally Behdad's
email on the new FriBidi interface, which he needs real feedback for:



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