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Re: [dev] OpenOffice & Bidi/Arabic

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:51:10 +0200,
  "Christof Pintaske" <Christof Pintaske sun com> wrote:
> we try to discuss all i18n/l10n issues in the openoffice.l10n project 
> which (amongst other purposes) serves as an umbrella project for these 
> efforts.

Ah, great.. Just found the "Priority of CTL Features" table :-) on


I guess I missed that due to my unfamiliarity with the "CTL" acronym
(which I've found to mean "complex text layout") and thinking that
l10n only dealt with localization issues (ie. translations).  I should
have snooped around longer :-)

> I cannot comment on the copyright assignment issue and Dieter is 
> currently absent (this week and next week). Please be patient as this
> is concerned.

No problem; we're just looking for the feature inclusion irrespective of
its the source and it sounds like you guys have made some major headway
in that regard (just means more "thanks" to spread around that's all :-)

> The 641 based OpenOffice 1.0 release is dead as development is 
> concerned. Development of CTL and BiDi features has been done on the 642 
> tree and has already moved to 643.
> Technically the CTL shaping will be based on the Uniscribe library (Win) 
> and the ICU layout engine (Unix).

Since as you note below development releases are yet to take place for
"643", are there any screenshots related to this topic so as to anticipate
what sort of issues are coming down the pipe ?

> Any patches based on OpenOffice 1.0 bear a high risk of being 
> incompatible with our current development of CTL features.
> We plan to create developer builds based on 642 and 643 as we did on 641 
> but it is not clear to me when this will happen. openoffice.releases is 
> the right forum to raise this question.

Cool, once a build of "643" takes place most definitely let us know so
we can snatch it up (for testing/feedback, etc -- that's the least we
can do).

Thanks for your help...

 - Nadim

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