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Katoob ver 0.2.1 Released

Arabeyes would like to announce the release of Katoob version 0.2.1

This version is mainly a bug fix, fixed many crashes, The most important
is crashing when saving a buffer in the ISO encoding whice contains non
ISO valid characters. And more error checking to prevent possible ones.
The interface changes are kept to the minimum in this version. And fixed
a bug that caused a file opened via command line to be aded more than
once to the recent menu.

Changes and improvements in this version:
* Fixed the search dialog where some buttons didn't dieplaying the whole
* Added a GNOME menu entry, with a modified smaller logo.
* The statusbar now displayes the cursor position, The state of the file
* More error checking in realopen(), real_save() and real_saveas()
* Fixed a segfault when changing the encoding of a non valid encoded
* Fixed a bug in the recent menu routines caused a file to be added more
than once when opened via command line arguments
* Fixed the "replaceall" Warning by gcc
* Fixed a segfault when trying to save a file in ISO with non ISO valid
characters in the UTF buffer

You can download the latest source and/or RPM from 
The RPMs are built on Mandrake 8.2 with gcc 2.96
Using version 2.0.6 of GTK+

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