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Re: Feedback on katoob

On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 19:48, Jens Askengren wrote:
> mån 2002-08-12 klockan 01.56 skrev Mohammed Sameer:
> > I really don't want it to be turned into a GNOME application but here is
> > a deal ;)
> > if i find a way to allow a gtktoolbar to get the default system
> > settings, i'll use it, and to be controlled by GNOME
> > but if i didn't find a way i'm sorry i can't do it
> > ok? :-)
> > I really don't have much experience with gnome programming.
> > 
> > I think the upcoming 0.2.1 well have GConf support at least.
> Well, if you decide to use GConf, then have a look at the key
>   /desktop/gnome/interface/toolbar_style
> ;)
I was wondering about where GNOME saves the toolbar style
you really saved me a lot of time
ok now we can use the system default
I had a look at the Human interface guidelines and found that the
application should provide an option for the toolbar to stick to the
system default, and can provide his own options about the toolbar too

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