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Re: Feedback on katoob

On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 01:01, Jens Askengren wrote:
> Hello
> Attached is a file with a menu mockup that more closely follows the
> gnome HIG: http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/
> I know this is not a gnome program, but it does not hurt to try to keep
> a consistent meny layout and use stockitems when possible.
No it doesn't at all
Really the menubar was built with the GtkItemFactory in the initial CVS
import but i removed it and preferred to make it manually cause at that
time i didn't think that translating it'll be possible ;)
But yes i'll be happy to return back to that way, In addition that it's
more easy to add menuitems to it

> I am afraid that the settings dialog would scare anyone who has read the
> gnome usability mailing list. I'd suggest that the whole "Interface" tab
> be removed, since the toolbar preferences is a global setting. Most of
> the other settings involving window placement could probably also be
> removed. Having sane dafaults is often much better than a lot of strange
> settings.
I can get the idea about removing the toolbar options but i really can't
get it for the window placement, But adding support for the GNOME
toolbar style'll increase the libraries required by katoob.
The same for gconf "althought it'll make my work easier instead of
writing a parser for the configuration file" , I'll force the user to
install many libraries to run katoob
i can't really give a word about the toolbar or gconf "personally i like
both ideas"
I'll have to wait for other members' opinion

/* I don't think GTK_STOCK_JUSTIFY_[RIGHT|LEFT] should be used here.
Maybe an arrow, like Yudit instead?
 * It would be nice with a keybord shortcut to change direction
yes they are not for this but the arrows carry a "back & forward" label
and my graphics designing requires petty,
I'll add the keyboard shortcuts too, that's nice

> Uh.. that sounded very critic. Anyway, it seems to be a nice, promising
> application. 
> 	-Jens
Thanks ;)
and really thanks for the code

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