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more on Duali


Looks like most of my posts re: duali fall into the trap of silence ;)

Okay, here is the biggest problem I have right now. The rest seems
trivial to this.

I want to remove the prefix from a word. FEH is a possible prefix.. 
for instance 'ftl3b' (fatal3ab) [FEH, TEH, LAM, AIN, BEH]. But so is
the TEH, so I can go with FEH,TEH as the prefix. That's all good and fine, as
I can verify that after removing the prefix the rest of the word's length must
be at least 3. 

what about words like 'faqd' (faqid) [FEH, ALEF, QAF, DAL]. It's over 3
letters in length, and the FEH satisfies the requirement to be a prefix.. we
remove that and we end up with a non-word.

I've been working on this for some time now that I can't think straight
anymore. what would suggestions be? Should I rely on a set of root verbs that
serve as a basis (as in, compare to the list before anything else)? Part of
the idea for Duali is that you should be able to generate a dictionary very
easily and quickly. For example, one should be able to run the dictionary
generator over a trusted pieces of text in a given field (e.g. medical) -- and
you would result with a 'medical-friendly' dictionary, etc.

I am officially stuck at this point. It seemed easy during the design, but
once I saw what the output was I am now having to re-think this whole thing
over. Please, don't hesitate to give your input.. I've been talking to myself
on this subject since we started.

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