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Re: Feedback on katoob

Sun 2002-08-11 at 08.26 Mohammed Sameer wrote:

> >  Most of the other settings involving window placement could probably also be
> > removed. Having sane dafaults is often much better than a lot of strange
> > settings.

> I can get the idea about removing the toolbar options but i really can't
> get it for the window placement [...]

I don't think the window geometry settings needs a lot of options. Just
save the windows position and size on exit. Most users would probably
not notice it. But those that likes to carefully layout their windows
will be happy.

The only reason against saving window geomentry that I can think of, is
that it might place the window outside the screen if the user switches
resoultion. This is easily solved though; by also saving the resolution
and do some scaling if it doesen't match the current resolution.

> [...] But adding support for the GNOME
> toolbar style'll increase the libraries required by katoob.
> The same for gconf "althought it'll make my work easier instead of
> writing a parser for the configuration file" , I'll force the user to
> install many libraries to run katoob [...]

I am aware of that. But I suspect a lot of people have both the KDE and
GNOME libraries installed just to be able to run the best applications
from both desktops?

	- Jens