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Re: Comments on the website


Thanks for your comments.

From: Nadim Shaikli
Subject: Re: Comments on the website
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 02:30:35 -0700 (PDT)

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir arabeyes.org> wrote:

> 1. Javascript -- I am simply fundamentally opposed to the use of javascript.

OK. I will keep Javascript only when a confirmation dialog is needed (when you remove a todo for ex), this, I supose, is quite standard. I wanted to give th user the ability to sort tables (people page, todos etc)... I try to do it from the php side (it's easy to sort once, but to implement sorting for all the colums of a table with PHP, is a litlte difficult and/or long).

> 2. Page width -- hardcoded, bad.. it should be resizable, something similar
> to how www.kuro5hin.org is. That is probably the best example of a website
> with tables.. you resize your browser window to whatever pleases your eye.

I liked that fixed width ;) However, things are back to 'normal' !

> 3. The people page -- first name, last name.. too many columns.. I preferred
> the older way (my way ;)) First commit.. too much info.

This was mainly to give the possibility to sort people by many criteria... If, for some reason, I'm not able to re-implement the sorting in PHP, I'll put the old version.

> 4. color scheme.. no comment.. don't really care about that.

I tend to agree with Mohammed, here.  I'll have some suggestions on
improvements later, but that should not delay us in deploying the site
and going live ASAP.  I didn't find any broken links or bad pages (which
is what you were asking me to look into).  The color scheme is a bit harsh
on the eyes (too bright for my taste) - as far as I'm concerned, we are
ready to go live.

Well, Anmar proposed to do some artistic improvements... I'm pretty sure he'll do some nice work !

I was a bit confused on all the [AR] [EN] [FR] stuff and not knowing which were related to PDF and which weren't (they didn't seem to be aligned either and that looked odd) - nothing serious, but my suggestions and observations are akin to this sort of thing.

Since a document may have different format and different translations, I choosed that presentation... Please others confirm if this is confusing to you too ? If so, propose a presentation :-)

Do please send instructions on how to add/modify the pages (for future reference). I will email my complete suggestions for improvements once we go live (no reason to delay further).

For add/update, please login to the website. You'll see an 'Administration' menu. You can add news/press releases/resources from there (I'll also try to add an interface for maintaining documents/software releases/related sites/projects etc etc). To update, simply go to the corrresponding page (The 'about' page for press release for example) and click on [Edit this *] to edit the corresponding entry. By the way, if someone could update the 'Press' section it would be great: verify the links, the source names, and put some good description (two lines ?) for each item ?.

I propose that we add a section on the front page to post 'Informal News', like for ex: 'Mailing Lists are back', 'Check the new look', 'Todo management application deployed', 'Resource section updated with new fonts' etc etc etc This will make the website more lively., since actually the news section is updated ~ once a month...

What do you think ?

Ok, waiting for more comments ;)

PS: Good Job !!

Thanks !



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