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Re: Comments on the website

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir arabeyes.org> wrote:
> Youcef, here are some comments I have on the new website stuff.. you don't
> have to take them, but they are for the record.
> 1. Javascript -- I am simply fundamentally opposed to the use of javascript.
> 2. Page width -- hardcoded, bad.. it should be resizable, something similar
> to how www.kuro5hin.org is. That is probably the best example of a website 
> with tables.. you resize your browser window to whatever pleases your eye.
> 3. The people page -- first name, last name.. too many columns.. I preferred
> the older way (my way ;)) First commit.. too much info. 
> 4. color scheme.. no comment.. don't really care about that.

I tend to agree with Mohammed, here.  I'll have some suggestions on
improvements later, but that should not delay us in deploying the site
and going live ASAP.  I didn't find any broken links or bad pages (which
is what you were asking me to look into).  The color scheme is a bit harsh
on the eyes (too bright for my taste) - as far as I'm concerned, we are
ready to go live.

I was a bit confused on all the [AR] [EN] [FR] stuff and not knowing which
were related to PDF and which weren't (they didn't seem to be aligned
either and that looked odd) - nothing serious, but my suggestions and
observations are akin to this sort of thing.

Do please send instructions on how to add/modify the pages (for future
reference).  I will email my complete suggestions for improvements once
we go live (no reason to delay further).

PS: Good Job !!


 - Nadim

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