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Re: VIM Arabic Patch and Hindi number

ur mail speaks for me as well Moe... Ditto.

Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 05:07:49PM -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> >
> > Keep in mind that "our" preference is one thing and what is considered to
> This has nothing to do with 'our' preference. Who are we to say that one half
> of the Arab world is right and the other is not? We should only do what is
> 'right'. The 'right' thing is to use OUR OWN numbers, the ones OUR grand-
> grand-grand fathers invented and created.. not some inferior number system.
> > I'm of the opinion that these "hindi" numbers ought to be the default which
> > people can opt not to use - similar in how people have opted and adopted
> > western month names (convenience doesn't constitute language default though).
> No, not convenience, but a reminder that these are OUR numerals, and that
> half of the Arab world is already using. Why would a Tunisian/Moroccan/Algeerian/etc
> have to use inferior hindi numerals? For 'convenience'?
> > To have Arabic programs default to "non-hindi" (those you see on you english
> It is not non-hindi, it is ARABIC numerals. How can we participate in killing
> our own numerals?
> > keyboard now) doesn't seem right, for that would mean that one has to trigger
> > yet another option to enable what is legally considered to the norm (by our
> > grandparents and grandchildren alike).
> >
> I didn't mean for this to be a flame, but I have made my opinion known from
> before. If this were something that is 100% dropped by all the ARab countries,
> I would have said.. yeah, that is my personal feeling. But, that is not
> the case.. there is a divide, agreed. In the whole Arab world, there is a
> divide on this. I am simply saying that we should go with what is rightfully
> our own numerals. That to me, seems like a very logical solution. Opting to
> choose one side of the Arab world over the other, just because one comes from
> one side of the other is not logical.
> In any regard, that is not the most important issue at the table.
> later
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