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Charity license

I'm thinking out-loud here about creating our own charity-like
license - so bare with me :-)

Vim uses the following link and is very much a backer of the following
charity (Bram notes information on his license file straight off of their


Personally, I would like "my" works to be GPL'ed but with the following
charity of choice (until they get closed down like the various other 40 have)


So whomever is into licenses (Chahine/Isam), if you could work something
along those lines (keeping vim's in mind as an example), you'd be doing
me and all our people a great favor.

Please note - VIM has gotten alot of press simply based on its charityware
license (Bram's revamping it to be more GPL-friendly BTW - note vimdev
mailing list - groups.yahoo.com).  I'd expect that we if start doing
something similar, we too will get some press (I'm assuming it will be
more good than bad).

I by no means, say that LIFE should be the only organization we should
consider, we can have 5 or 6 that we rotate on various projects we
undertake.  If/when "edara" gets off the ground we can have something
else on it (awareness is the key here).

If there are no major objections, and a license file is generated - I'd
move QaMoose in that direction.

 - Nadim

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