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Re: task/program manager

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

>  "phpgroupware comes with like 15 things - we only need 2 of them (the
> third - users database - they don't seem to have).

What do you call a user database? If you mean a multiuser system, then they
definitely do. If you mean a list of "contacts" as users of things done by
Arabeyes, it's just for contacts. In any case, the module that really
completes it is dcl:) don't know what you don't like about it...

> So here are my questions,
> 1. if we opted to use phpgroupware can we VERY easily just use their
>    tasks/calendar feature and completely not even load the other stuff ?
>    If the answer is "its GPL and we can do whatever we want" or "I pretty
>    sure we can hack it", then I'd suggest forgetting it (too much fiddling
>    with it is not worth the effort).

Honestly, I don't know. We can ask them directly, they often hang on irc on
openprojects.net #dcl or #phpgroupware, and they are very responsive to their
users (when they don't idle:))

> 2. if we opt to do our thing - should we account for their API into
>    our work (any strong feelings ? I'd say no (added complication)).

If we opt for our own thing then we can do it from scratch, there's no point
in using their API, unless we'd want to integrate it in their groupware.

> The reason I keep talking about "edara" is because of,

(snip, snip)
I have no strong feeling against it in any case. If you think it is positive
for Arabeyes, then go ahead. I just pointed out the existence of these in
case the need was solely to have them:)