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Re: commiting favors, as usual

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> > I would be very against that -- we are promoting THE project here
> > (arabeyes) and not any individuals (no matter how great or wonderful
> > a job they did). Those authors and comments can be added to your 
> > distribution (tarball) in an 'AUTHORS' file (standard procedure 
> > world-wide).
> Wait, wait! Attribution to the authors and acknowledgements is NOT
> incompatible with the Arabeyes. Talking about communism, that is
> communism;) Seriously Nadim, this is important, and too many authors
> would feel itchy about not being credited for their work on the
> project's *homepage*. The fact that the project's homepage is hosted
> by Arabeyes, that is officially considered part of the Arabeyes project
> is in itself the promotion of THE project. But this is important, you
> can't take away people's credits. Who participates(ed) to Akka
> participates(ed) to Arabeyes.
> So unless Isam and Moe also feel strongly against it, I will go for it,
> because
> I do feel this is important, and *DOES* help Arabeyes, not the opposite.

I am ___VERY___ against this (can't stress the importance), the AUTHORS
file in one's distribution is plenty enough to give credit to whomever
you wish (arabeyes and all the projects within MUST remain nameless except
in the status section(s) - you can note your 'thank yous' there, if you wish,
to the people that have helped; something akin to "Chahine notes his sincere
gratitude to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH for their continued help" under a date)

I am adamantly against having an authors section on the pages though.

For the record - there some things in communism that are worth looking
and abiding by (its just not a complete way of life - that's all :-)

 - Nadim

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