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Re: commiting favors, as usual

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> --- "Chahine M. Hamila" wrote:
> > My connection being what it is, I can't commit in decent conditions...
> > So Nadim, if you don't mind, I'll send you the akka.inc file, and you'll
> > commit it for me plz.
> Sure, but I really don't think a tiny file size like akka.inc could
> be an upload burdon :-)

Wallahi it is, sometimes, it takes me up to half an hour to download a dozen
mails like those of Arabeyes... Yesterday I must have been trying for about
half an hour *at least* with akka.inc
I will send it to you later, gotta go now!!!

> > I will sieze this opportunity to ask if it is possible to add a section
> > Authors (I guess it is, but I just want a confirmation instead of
> > scrolling through the web source through my crappy connection).
> > It is important imho for two reasons:
> > 1) even though most of today's code in Akka is definitely mine, there
> > are still some lines of code left from the Acon era, this is not a
> > project I started from scratch, so I feel an acknowledgement for Ahmed
> > is necessary.
> > 2) The same goes to those who at one time or another contributed to
> > Akka, namely Moe and Chokri Mraidha. Naming them is something that might
> > encourage future developers to participate in other projects through the
> > Merit's Fame factor.
> I would be very against that -- we are promoting THE project here (arabeyes)
> and not any individuals (no matter how great or wonderful a job they did).
> Those authors and comments can be added to your distribution (tarball)
> in an 'AUTHORS' file (standard procedure world-wide).
>  - Nadim

Wait, wait! Attribution to the authors and acknowledgements is NOT incompatible
with the Arabeyes. Talking about communism, that is communism;) Seriously
Nadim, this is important, and too many authors would feel itchy about not being
credited for their work on the project's *homepage*. The fact that the
project's homepage is hosted by Arabeyes, that is officially considered part of
the Arabeyes project is in itself the promotion of THE project. But this is
important, you can't take away people's credits. Who participates(ed) to Akka
participates(ed) to Arabeyes.
So unless Isam and Moe also feel strongly against it, I will go for it, because
I do feel this is important, and *DOES* help Arabeyes, not the opposite.