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Re: commiting favors, as usual

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> I am ___VERY___ against this (can't stress the importance)

7um, 7um... I am afraid we reached a visceral disagreement Nadim:)
I want that section. I want it so much I would take the main homepage elsewhere
of Akka if necessary. This is definitely not something I want to do, but it
seems *unethical* to me and against my principles not to give credits where
credits are due. I would understand it if there were 100 authors, but this is
not the case. Unless you convince me how this is harmful to Arabeyes (I think
precisely the opposite in fact), I will either put the authors' name or make it
as a secondary page. I really don't want to get there, but this is about ethics
for me. Moe? Isam? Save me!