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Our own project/task manager ?

Gents, I created an account on www.epiware.com

 user -> tim_freedom at hotmail dot com
 pas  -> superman

please login in and play with it -- Mohammed and I had a long 'talk'
about it and we'd like to write something similar of our own but much
much much lighter.

The sections that I would like mimic'ed would be,

+ Site Manger - a admin page if you will
+ In project (tabs of concern)
  - Summary: note open tasks and upcoming events (calendar)
  - calendar
  - tasks (THE HEART OF THIS THING - the way they have it is PERFECT)
  - users (to maintain volunteers and their skill set and location info)

all the other sections/tabs they have (library, forum, timeline, etc)
do not interest us at this time.

The idea would be to design the underlying database (mysql) structure and
to create each of the TABs noted above as its own module (maybe) so that
with time we (or others) can add more tabs as is required and people can pick
and choose which tabs they want (with various db changes/additions, etc).

Their look ain't bad either - I dig the tabs (easy to navigate).

Sound interesting, decent ?

I personally have not been able to find anything remotely similar to what's
described and we need something like this (esp. the TASKS section, its
freakin' perfect for what we need - a TODO list, etc)

Mohammed estimated that a good php programmer could do this in 1 week;
who/what/when will need to be discussed later once we agree on what action
to take regarding this thing.  Arabic will be added to it as well later in
some fashion.

A project name anyone ? (we'll have to think of something clever)
I thought of 'Sahim' (as in participate in arabic) or
              Sawhim (a play on the word - saw him)

Name doesn't matter now, whatcha think ?

 - Nadim

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