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Re: Our own project/task manager ?

On Sunday 06 January 2002 13:02, you wrote:
> Mohammed estimated that a good php programmer could do this in 1 week;
> who/what/when will need to be discussed later once we agree on what action
> to take regarding this thing.  Arabic will be added to it as well later in
> some fashion.
> A project name anyone ? (we'll have to think of something clever)
> I thought of 'Sahim' (as in participate in arabic) or
>               Sawhim (a play on the word - saw him)
> Name doesn't matter now, whatcha think ?

OK .. let me tell you about my School project which is almost done .. and see 
how similar it is to the project manager:
	- Two levels, students, and instructors 	
	- Every Class has it's own page that contain these sections:
		- ClassNotes : Instructor add them, each note is marked with it's date, , 
instructor can modify or remove them, students view them.
		- Announcements .. Added my Instructors, Notifications sent to the 
students' emails about them. viewed by students in the site
		-  assignments: instructor sets the assignments, with a deadline .. 
students reply to the assignments from the site, the replies are sent the 
instructor's email ..
		- Resources section
		- History ( previous exams) for the material
		- Live chat ( Java Applet)
		- Several Forums ( Bulletin Boards) each with different property , some for 
private conversation between students and instructor, other for public talk, 
and another one for anonymous discussion ( not anonymous to inst. but to 
other students)
	- a header.inc and footer.inc is included in every servlet output, to unify 
the look ..
	- A signin, and SignUp, and user preferences management ..

mmm.. we are doing it in Java Servlet Technology .. the DB is hadled in a 
separate layer .. so convertion won't be hard .. 

As you see it will be easy to switch from the context that my project was 
for, to the context that we need .. I will finish this semester at max 2 of 
Feb .. after that I could start making the needed changes ..

There is some missing parts:
	- Task management
	- Calender

but as I imagine it it won't be hard ..  what do you think ?!
Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org