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Re: the TYKA project

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> Well, I gave it a second thought, and I'm triggering it. This doesn't
> mean that this will be my only work since this is a META project, and
> whatever work I will do for Arabeyes\TYKA will actually benefit TYKA.
> That said, it has to start someday, and it'll take off whenever
> conditions are met, just like it took Un*x Arabization a few years to
> take off and a combination of factors to trigger it...

I don't think the "conditions" are met :-)  And I caution against making
unilateral decisions without a discussion (mohammed, isam ??) about what
should be tackled next.

We definitely have some fires that MUST be looked into before going off
on long-term projects - so I implore you to focus on our immediate needs
and then to venture into the promise land :-)

> Otherwise, in terms of coding proper, I am now hesitating between the
> dict protocol thing, the bidi spec, or the gnome-terminal for a start...
> I don't care which of these three, so I'll leave you Three to make up
> your minds as to what is the most important and just tell me when you
> do.

I would suggest first and foremost the XFree86 font thing (link sent 
earlier) since its the most important pending knife-in-our-throats at
the moment.

 - Nadim

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